The challenge before us was how to create a set that would do justice to the director’s concept. We imagine a two-sided arena, including a moveable rotating stage, which allows us to see the man Ivan and the woman Amora communicating from their respective computer screens. This rotating stage highlights the special complexity of the virtual and real identities of the protagonists, and the parallel worlds that confront the audience.

We considered what new technical tools would be best to portray this spatial interaction and the changes experienced by these people, and we wondered about how best we could find new theatrical methods to express and interpret such complex settings in opera. Might it be more appropriate to use non-traditional venues such as sports stadiums or areas? We believe in reaching new national and international audiences with the intrinsically modern message and subject matter of this opera- Love on the Internet.

Our desire has been to work with new technologies and find innovative staging solutions to strengthen and clarify the drama of the opera's plot. We are delighted that the international engineering company Ramböll rose to the challenge, and has sponsored the project by designing a rotating and moveable stage that can be dismantled and used on tours. We are excited about this solution, while at the same time being aware that the technology must remain secondary to the primary and most challenging goal of all, i.e. to highlight and enhance the dramatic course of events between the actors.